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The piece of art from Bornholm

The art piece from Bornholm


Alena Wils produces landscape paintings and souvenirs from Bornholm. Why does Alena Wil paint Bornholm's landscapes? She has lived on Bornholm since 2009 and loves to paint beautiful and exciting nature. Alena finds her inspiration in the daily surroundings of Bornholm. Beach, forest and rocks, that's all I use to make my working day successful, she says. Bornholm brought joy into her life after she moved from the big cities. The colors of the sky, the scents of the forest, the sounds of the sea - this is a source for her paintings. The unique and unforgettable moments in the colors of nature in everyday life can create fantastic color combinations for her. Artist looks for the "fleeting voices" of nature and tries to show it on his canvas or a piece of watercolor paper. It is my mission to bring joy to your home and store the images that arise instantly in your memory when you think back on your nature experience on Bornholm, - she proclaims. Alena would like to pass on to you her admiration for nature. “My goal is to learn how to better convey the mood of nature in colors. My desire is to become better at finding attractive and touching motifs for you. My goal is to learn better to create an invisible connection with the art audience. My intention is to grow and deepen through the technical and spiritual aspects of my artistic goals, ”- says Alena Wils. Website  is a specialized shop for you who want to have "Kunststykket fra Bornholm" for their home. In our gallery you can find various items, such as a partially produced and 100% designed on Bornholm in Denmark. We sell paintings and souvenirs for you who love nature and professional approach to performing product quality.

Our range is:

Paintings - watercolor, oil, acrylic, blending technique.

Office Supplies - Calendar for 2022.

Books - Sofus from Bornholm, The key to the heart.

Hobby coloring book (in production); Christmas postcards. Coming soon to website!

Toys - Ulylychik. (a special product created on Bornholm, which appears in "The Key to the Heart", currently in production)

Games - Puzzles. Order by painting motif.

School- Mouse Pad. Order by painting motif.

Photo - Digital images of paintings.

Hardware- Cups and mugs. Order by painting motif.

Jewelry - ceramic earrings, necklace. Coming soon to website!

Webshop  it's not just business, it's a business that takes into account customers' unique experiences. Our products are 100% related to Bornholm. You did not make a mistake in visiting us. See you again and thank you for your attention!



tel. +4528646631

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