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My name is Alena Wils and I am of Russian origin, now living with family in Nexø on Bornholm. 
I have completed a Russian and Danish education in art.
Five years at the Art College in Irkutsk and three years at the State Art and Design Academy, named after Baron Stieglitz in St. Petersburg. Petersburg in Russia.
Four years at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts' schools for Architecture, Design and Conservation.
Of which one year exchange student in visual arts, and completed a three-year education at Keramiklinjen in Nexø.
Has participated in several exhibitions, solo as well as joint, including admission to several censored exhibitions at Svanekegården.
I am the co-publisher of a children's book "Sofus fra Bornholm" in 2018 and have written and published the fairy tale "The key to the heart" in 2019.

Legal name: Gallery Wils
CVR no. : 36580003
Company form: Personally owned Small Company
Industry: Artistic creation
Start date: 07-04-2015
Management / Administration
Alena Wils


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